Our School Provides

Opportunities to obtain your high school diploma and provide career training courses.

Credit Recovery

Hundreds of courses are available for all students ranging from credit recovery to honors. You can mix levels based on skill level. We’ll work with you to place you in the right course for you. 

Credit Transfer

Students transferring to our school work with our academic team to transfer existing completed credits to our school. We review your transcripts to make sure to get you back on track. 

Flexible Schedule

Our students demand a flexible schedule to meet the rigors of working, parenting and other commitments. Our classes go anywhere and can be completed anytime. Plus, support along the way.  

Career Courses

We provide six career tracks and partner with workforce development agencies throughout California to help students not only gain their valuable high school diploma but receive career training. 

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“ I couldn’t have even started school again if it weren’t for Uplift. I can’t believe I will graduate in  2019. I am able to complete my classes around my work and family and the support is always with me.”

Current student

Let us help you reach new heights.