About Uplift California Santa Barbara


Students enrolling in Uplift California Santa Barbara will work with our education and enrollment specialists to review existing school transcripts to determine required courses necessary for graduation. Students must complete all requirements in Uplift California Santa Barbara to receive a diploma from our school.

We strive to honor a 100% transfer of previous coursework; however, our team will need to review and validate prior coursework to make the final determination.

Uplift California Santa Barbara provides a wide variety of courses covering all subject areas including math, science, English, history, world languages, and electives.


Students enrolled in Uplift California Santa Barbara will work with our enrollment team to determine core course needs and in addition, may enroll in specific courses to foster workforce and career development skills in the following areas:

Business Management and Administration  |   Health Science  |  Information Technology  |  Manufacturing | Law  |  Hospitality  | Agriculture  | Entrepreneurial Studies  |  Marketing

Two students working together
Two students studying outdoors

Since Uplift California Santa Barbara is a California tuition-free public school, students are not required to pay for any of their academics, course materials, or teacher support. These are provided by the state and allow our school to reach students with varying educational needs.