Uplift California Santa Barbara Mission

The mission of Uplift California Santa Barbara is to create future leaders passionate about making a positive contribution to their local and global communities.

The Uplift California Santa Barbara for young adults, ages 14-24, provides an academic education along with workforce, career and technical preparation. These valuable components lead to the participant’s successful assimilation into career pathways that benefit the individual and the California global economy.

Our school will accomplish this by:

  • Implementing an academically rigorous inquiry-based curriculum focused on career preparation which will meet all of California state and national standards through a personalized learning approach
  • Developing leadership skills in each student, as well as a thorough understanding of democracy, citizenship, and civic responsibility
  • Cultivating awareness of personal and career success through the acquisition of employment skills and self-directed motivation for learning and future skill development
  • Developing an understanding of and acquisition of pre-employment skills related to the interests of the student
  • Reaching out to disenfranchised out of school youth to re-engage them in meaningful academic and workforce preparation
  • Creating personalized learning paradigms which are relevant to individual needs and abilities