Uplift California South Charter Principal’s Welcome

Dear Students,

Welcome to Uplift California South Charter! We are a publicly funded online charter school that seeks to effectively educate students in the 21st Century. A 21st Century education can be summarized with four words: inform, create, connect, and personalize. Today’s students can learn what they want and when they want due to technology (literally in hand) and our school and teachers are creating classroom environments where learners collaborate and connect with their peers and experts anywhere and anytime.

We are preparing our students for a future that we cannot yet imagine while keeping them grounded in core values (i.e., compassion, tolerance, and integrity). We offer specialized programs within our school for students who are interested in career training and preparation, technology and world languages.

The internet is a tool used to gather information, create content, and make global connections. Instead of just reading about a place, we employ various interactive web technologies to engage students further. Using some of the latest technology, we can tailor learning and meet the needs of our students.

I am honored to serve as Principal of Uplift California South Charter. It is truly a privilege to be part of a school where teachers, mentors, counselors, parents, and students care for each other and build positive relationships that support academic growth. Our dedicated staff looks forward to working with you during the upcoming school year. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions or concerns.


Aviva Ebner Photo

Aviva Ebner, Ph.D., Principal